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SpaceX was zero out of three for their commercial rocket launches until last year in September when their Falcon 1 launch vehicle made it to space. It was merely a proof of concept (after they destroyed payloads including at least three satellites for the department of defense and NASA and the ashes of some 200 people everyone thought it would be a good idea not to risk anything valuable). Now they have done it again with an actual satellite on board and the company's future is bright.

This is revolutionary for space flight because of the cost margin advantage SpaceX will offer to those wishing to place things in space. A profitable space company is a step towards a space economy. The owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is revolutionizing all modes of transportation with his electric car company, Tesla, which is already producing viable all electric vehicles. Further SpaceX may eventually carry cargo to the International Space Station when the shuttle has retired (read NASA can't cut it in this economy).

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