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White Cosmonaut, Red Cosmonaut

Check out this lovely art by Jeremy Geddes. He is a Melbourne artist who works with mostly oil paints. His paintings have glowing colors and he has this recurrent cosmonaut theme that vaguely makes them seem relevant. Below are three of my favorite images that I have seen: The White Cosmonaut, The Red Cosmonaut, and Heat Death. Of his cosmonaut series he himself is vague,
I wanted to construct my own reality through my paintings, a quiet melancholic space that operates by it’s own set of underlying rules and runs it’s own oblique narrative. With each successive painting, I try to build the world and uncover it’s form. The cosmonaut paintings are the first step in this.
And on his piece Heat Death he again lets your mind linger on meaning and reasoning,
Hopefully, I communicate everything I want to say through the painting itself. I’m not interested in giving it a didactic final meaning. I just want to spark questions in the viewer.
Artists have the luxury of letting their art speak so that they don't have to. Scientists don't have this luxury and generally must have a didactic (although, not intending to imply moral) explanation of nature; an explanation which may or may not be close to the truth. Science ultimately doesn't self explain its emphases on truth seeking. Truth is like art, sought for its own sake. Oh and please, if someone wants to buy me the Red/White Cosmonaut diptych print feel free.
The White Cosmonaut

The Red Cosmonaut

Heat Death

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  1. I got a tattoo based on Red Cosmonaut. Still one of my favorites.


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