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I am overwhelmingly busy right now. I wont have any time for The Astronomist until the middle of June or so because apparently taking painful qualifying exams builds character. In the meantime here are some diversions...
  • The Myth of Gravity
  • Erik Verlinde considers gravity as information. His theory implies that gravity is nothing more than the result of a system maximizing its entropy. See the full paper here.
  • The Holographic Universe
  • Craig Hogan’s suggests nature deals with quantum mechanics and spacetime through the holographic universe. See a paper that discusses holographic noise in gravity wave interferometers here.
  • The World Cup
  • Something completely different, but also completely awesome, and the physics of soccer is quite interesting too. Check out the video below that just begins to capture a fraction of the spirit of the World Cup held in South Africa this summer.


  1. Look forward to reading from you after you schedule calms down again. Good luck.


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