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Saturn 3

In an isolated sector of our solar system suspended in orbit from the sixth planet from our sun lies a distant outpost. A technologically perfect world where mistakes are impossible because the impossible is unthinkable. It is called Saturn 3...

I haven't seen Saturn 3, but it sure looks like fun. I also just mentioned the science fiction gem Missing Pages a little while ago, but I forgot to mention what got me started thinking about alternative film. It was the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF. It has been going on at a hand full of theatres across Seattle since May 21st and ends June 14 (and no it doesn't have any particular focus on science fiction, that is just me). There are lots of intriguing science fiction films out or coming out now, but I don't think any of them can match Saturn 3 at least as a candidate for Mystery Science Theatre 3000.


  1. looks like the robots about to have his way with the lady

  2. Harvey Keitel and the rapist robot:


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