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A strange sort of failure this economy. What happened to our money? Did it dry up like raisins in the sun? Or did it implode because it never existed in the first place?

Lets look to the past to guide us. After the Wall Street Crash of 1929 which led to the Great Depression the United States Senate committee on Banking and Currency held an investigation into the causes of the market crash. The investigations were called the Pecora commission after one of the lead investigators Ferdinand Pecora dominated the commission and ultimately drove the investigation to conclude reforms of market regulation were necessary, but the commission unfortunately took on the atmosphere of a circus at times. We have seen worse times and many are saying this is no Great Depression. Leon Lederman jokes in The Atom Smashers, that students used to ask, "What are you going to be unemployed in when you graduate? ...Nobody worried about the economic situation because there wasn't any."
The Pecora trials descend into a circus literally when people began to remark, “We are having a circus,” so seizing on the comments, a press agent for the Ringling Brothers Circus had the shortest woman in the world sit on the lap of the richest man in the world [JP Morgan].

So maybe a senate of circus inquiry is not a good idea after all we still have an economy. Lets choose another American institution to run the inquiry. This American Life has held there own hearings with their own questions.
One of the biggest questions about this financial crisis gripping our economy: How did it happen? Wasn't someone supposed to watching things? Making sure people were acting prudently? Stopping, say, the largest insurance company in the world from making a 185 billion dollar bet that it couldn't make good on? This week, we hear the stories of the people who were supposed to be overseeing things.
You can catch the full 1930's style inquiry by This American Life in their episode: The Watchmen (and they also have shows on the economy and banks). The fallout from this recent collapse is still raining down, but lets hope it has as much bite as bark. The Economist has article on Obama's proposed reforms including plans for that stalwart institution the OTS (listen to The Watchmen episode to understand the OTS debacle) here.

But I have got the solution. Our money was in a quantum superposition of states and when we actually went to observe it we collapsed the wave function of finance. We can not let this happen again so I present the solution and the future of finance: Gravity Dual for Reggeon Field Theory and Non-linear Quantum Finance.

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  1. Our economy went the way of the supernova.


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