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Turtles all the way down

The beginning was heralded by an elephant's trumpet.

The universe is carried on the back of an ancient turtle.

There were once ten suns embodied by crows. All but one crow was shot by an archer.

The moon is a decapitated head. Her face is painted with bells.

The stars are your ancestors eyes worth remembering.

In time you too will have nine tails and be older and wiser.

All the things which you do not know are vague. Drift clouds.

Having come so far is a matter of vagueness.
I wrote this poem because even modern cosmology faces infinite regression paradoxes with respect to the initial impetus of the Universe. The various creation stories independently formed in different cultures create some stunning mental images for me. The funniest idea for me is that the Universe is resting on the back of a giant turtle. What is the turtle resting on? Why it is turtles all the way down. Oh, and I almost forgot the best blog posts always have a picture; here is a picture of a turtle.

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