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100 Images of Macchiatos

I drink a lot of macchiatos. If you don't know, a macchiato is an espresso coffee 'marked' with steamed milk.
You can see a larger version  here. I work in coffee shops almost daily here in Seattle, and over the last year or so I took these pictures of each drink I had. Each coffee shop and barista has a different way of making the drink and I didn't take each picture in any particular way to standardize them, but I really like the result: a collage of consumption of coffee: 100 images of macchiatos. A little while ago I posted Thirty Five Images of Space Helmet Reflections which was a similar image, alas, while I would like to of been wearing one of those space helmets the reality is that I spend my time merely dreaming of the stars in coffee shops.

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  1. Hi Alexander - I love your site. I'm the guy that created the 35 Images of Space Helmet Reflections and when I saw your post of macchiatos I remembered a little poem I'd written a while ago that seems to coincidentally connect the two again.

    "Slowly swirling thoughts,
    like the white stars of cream in the dark space of coffee,
    form a tiny little galaxy there in my cup.

    Both float and spin with a gentle push
    from atmospheric gravity,
    and a quiet spoon.
    A complex harmony between independence and cooperation,
    space and movement.
    An infinite cup to a small universe.

    An when I reach the residue at the bottom,
    I smile at the thought
    that all this galactic mystery,
    a lifetime of astronomical wonder
    is available every morning
    for a dollar seventy five
    from the coffee shop around the corner."

    Keep up this great site!
    - Eric (3 Ton Gallery)


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