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I enjoy very much the intersection of classical music and physics (for example see my posts on the phenomena of lightning and on Quantifying Goethe) so if I was in the UK I would definitely be checking out the ongoing performance lecture about the legacy of Albert Einstein the scientist, the man, and the musician. Music was an important part of Einstein's life and his passion for music is what has inspired me to continue to learn the Viola after a fifteen year hiatus. The show is called Einstein's Universe and it is put on by particle physicist Brian Foster and British musician Jack Liebeck. The lecture tour will be a fusion of science communication and classical music. You can read a bit more about the show over at Physics World here and see a video about it below.

You can catch a Foster and Liebeck perform an arrangement of the Mozart violin sonata in C Major k.296 here.

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  1. glad you found this video! i went and saw their show last year at an old theatre in nottingham. i really enjoyed it, and couldnt believe the crowd was so small!


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