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Imagine the next 60 years

the next 60 years, four visions of the future, human development index versus planetary health
Futurism is an endeavor fraught with speculation. This is an inescapable fact. Many people, myself included, like to think about the future and wild things like space travel or exotic space ships, but this thinking is too often aimed at tangible objects and fiction. What we need is a frame work for thinking about the future that involves the most important factor and that is people. Consider the future in terms of the human development index versus planetary health. Consider how the future might be and what we want the future to be like. This is a refreshing approach to futurism because rather than an obsession with a singular aspect of the future, like the singularity, we are encouraged to make a plan for what to do with the wild technologies we may or may not obtain. Here is Dr. Chris Luebkeman with four predictions for Earth's future.

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